7 Word Choice Secrets Of Bestselling Authors 

   At its most basic level, writing is the choice and arrangement of symbols. Those symbols are usually letters and punctuation with a number or an image thrown in occasionally. Punctuation is about sentence structure and stylistic artistry. Word choice is about clarity and elegance, about evoking vivid emotional responses.  I agree with Mark twain …

The Unlikely Character That Will Take Over Your Story

In every (good) story there is a character that sizzles and pops right off the page —despite all efforts by authors and editors to reel them in.

Ideally, this character is the protagonist. Or, even more ideally, BOTH the protagonist and the antagonist.

However, there is another character that often sneaks in to upstage all others, Kanye-Westing the spotlight in every scene.

Who is this charismatic literary miscreant? The supporting character.